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Why Choose Sweedor Food Storage Containers 1. Sweedor food containers help organize the cupboards, save space,and prevent food from spilling everywhere. 2. The capacity is generally twice as large as the set sold on . 3. Plastic products are not as fragile as glass and more easier to carry. 4. All our products come with a 1-year for free exchange. 5. Safely store and keeps food , fruits and vegetables fresh. 6. Made of , Non-Toxic and BPA free premium material. 7. Easily stack-able for storage in Refrigerator and freezer. 8. Food can be directly stored to the containers after cooking.These glass containers are perfect for storing leftovers or planning ahead with your weekly meal prep. 2 pack 70oz rectangular food containers (8.3 cups) 2 pack 60.2oz tall food containers (7.6 cups) 2 pack 40oz tall food containers (4.7 cups) 2 pack 22oz rectangular food containers (2.6 cups) 2 pack 11.8oz rectangular food containers (1.4 cups) 3 pack 6.4oz rectangular food containers (0.8 cups) 4 pack 6.1oz rectangular food containers (0.7 cups) If you find any damaged or defective product after receiving it or during daily use, please contact us. All our products come with a 1-year for free exchange
These food containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for all your storage needs. Includes 2 pack 70oz rectangular containers (8.3 cups), 2 pack 60.2oz tall containers (7.6 cups), 2 pack 40oz tall containers (4.7 cups), 2 pack 22oz rectangular (2.6 cups), 2 pack 11.8oz rectangular (1.4 cups), 3 pack 6.4oz rectangular (0.8 cups), 4 pack 6.1oz rectangular (0.7 cups)
With Our Innovative Design Container Set Is The Ultimate Solution For Keeping Food Fresh and Dry. These plastic containers for food storage are made of top food-grade plastic, which is free of BPA, phthalate or other toxins that can penetrate into food, meanwhile, they are durable and would not be damaged easily than the glass containers
These storage containers keeping your cereal, fruit, meat super fresh, help you get prolonged food storage. This set comes in a beautiful box which makes it an ideal gift for any family. Nobody else in the market provides more value to you than us
These durable food containers have been especially designed to minimize space, they are stackable and will easily fit into your refrigerator, freezer or cupboard which enables you to get the kitchen organized and frees up space in the pantry. These clear containers are also easy to clean, extremely user friendly and ready to use
From meat, deli food, noodles, green salads, colorful pasta, slime and veggie soups to cupcakes, chocolate desserts, bread, snacks and fruit, these meal prep containers are the way to go. Store food for later or prepare lunch ahead of time!