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Product Description

puck lights with remotepuck lights with remote

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What are we pursuing?

We love outdoor, we love Camping, we love lighting in the dark. There was a time we went out for camping. We lay on the grass and looked at the sky. So many stars flash. When we put our attention to our campfire. No lights flash only had a fire there. We think it’ s not enough. So we decided to create an product which can lights even you are in outdoor. Many colors for you to choose!

outdoor patio lightsoutdoor patio lights


The intelligent control chip and microphone in the box can make Patio String Lights have a high degree of perception of music and sounds. It is very suitable for birthday parties, dance parties, BBQ and Christmas tree lighting. It can create a perfect holiday atmosphere! for you and your family!

Color Changing String LightsColor Changing String Lights


When we were designing camping lights string, we putted the safety of users as the highest priority. Our bulbs are different from traditional glass bulbs. We use non-breakable plastic as the shell material to keep you and your family away from glass. Avoid threat of debris!

48FTS Outdoor String Lights48FTS Outdoor String Lights


Camping String Lights uses high-quality heavy rubber as a protective material for the wires. It has good weather resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance. It can work normally even in rainy weather. You can hang string lights all year round without Worry about damage due to bad weather!

color string lightscolor string lights


You can use adhesive hooks, Zip Ties, screws, S-hooks or other hanging mounting brackets to install Cafe Lights. You only need to spend a little time, and then you can enjoy the comfortable atmosphere brought by the lights, Let’ s spend a happy holiday with friends together!

outdoor patio lightsoutdoor patio lights

Color Changing String LightsColor Changing String Lights

48FTS Outdoor String Lights48FTS Outdoor String Lights

color string lightscolor string lights

Make it easy to create a festive atmosphere! Have a great holiday with your family and friends!

 led string lights outdoor led string lights outdoor

Relax in the quiet of the night!

String lights in addition to the color function, but also configured with warm white light, so that you can relax the tense body under the warm light after the holiday revelry, soothe the excited mood, fully feel the atmosphere of holiday leisure!

Led Color Changing String LightsLed Color Changing String Lights

outdoor lights stringoutdoor lights string

Come and unlock more application scenarios of Outdoor LED String Lights!

string lights outdoor waterproofstring lights outdoor waterproof

Warm Reminder

1. Each time you plug in the power again, the Outdoor Lights String will flash red, blue, and green quality inspection lights, and then turn on the color and mode that were turned off with the remote control last time. This is the memory function of the light. Once you use the remote control to turn off the lights and cut off the power, you need to use the remote control to turn on the lights after the next time you turn on.

2. If you turn on the music function, Outdoor LED String Lights do not flash or flash too fast, please use the remote control to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone.

3. In order to achieve better lighting effects, we only recommend to connect 2x48FTS string lights or 4x24FTS string lights, that is to say, our recommended maximum coverage area is 96 feet.

4. If you need to connect multiple strings of Colorful String Lights, you only need to keep one controller, and then turn on the power after the connection is completed. Note: The connection port should be connected according to the corresponding groove to avoid reverse connection of the circuit.

SAFE LOW VOLTAGE: Patio Lights uses LED lamp beads, which can emit amazing brightness with only 12V low voltage, and the 12V voltage is much lower than the 36V human body safety voltage. We can proudly say: We have reached the highest level of product safety.
MUSIC COLOR CHANGE: You only need to press the voice button on the remote control, Colourful Outdoor String Lights will turn on the music color change function, it will automatically change the color according to the music or ambient sound, it is the perfect atmosphere maker, the best for your holiday party Good partner.
IP65 WATERPROOF LEVEL: The socket and the bulb are tightly and cleverly combined to make the Outdoor Patio Lights reach IP65 waterproof rating, even in areas with frequent precipitation, there is no need to remove it and put it back indoors.
GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our product has 1 year quality warranty. If you meet any problems about GANA Outdoor LED Lights. Please feel free to contact us. We will stand behind our product and provide you the service.