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Go Beyond Traditional Home Cooking

The NuWave Duet is more than just a simple pressure cooker or air fryer. With the unique combo cooking power of the Duet, you truly get the best of both worlds in one convenient appliance.

Pressure cooking thoroughly cooks your meal, locking in tender juiciness, then air frying seals in all that goodness under a delicious, crispy exterior. The NuWave Duet really takes the idea of a “one-pot meal” to a whole new level.



Convenience At Your Fingertips

Whether you’re looking to pressure cook, air fry or combo cook, the Duet has settings for some of the most popular dishes already programmed in. So if you want to air fry healthier fries, quickly cook rice or combo cook a delicious chicken for family dinner, the Duet has you covered.



control panel&program

control panel&program



Digital Temperature Control & Sure-Lock Safety Technology

The Duet uses the Triac Digital Switch, which precisely maintains the temperature you set throughout the cooking cycle. You’ll never have to worry about temperature fluctuations with the Duet.

Also, NuWave’s comprehensive Sure-Lock technology keeps the pressure where it belongs. When the Sure-Lock light is on, you can rest assured that the lid is sealed and will remain sealed until all the pressure inside the Duet has been released, making the Duet one of the safest pressure cookers ever made.

Easy-To-Use Digital Controls

With an easy-to-read digital display, clear function buttons with indicator lights, and a centrally located Star/Pause knob, the NuWave Duet is easy for anyone to understand and simple to operate.

To make things even easier, the Duet includes 100 pre-programmed recipes along with an additional 80 memory slots to add your own unique pressure cooker, air fryer, and combo cooking recipes. the way you like them cooked. Just select the program and let the Duet do the rest!

Easy Cleanup

The NuWave Duet makes cleanup a breeze. Cooking in the Duet reduces the number of pots and pans needed, minimizing the time and effort needed to clean up. No more piles of dirty pots and pans when you cook one-pot meals in the Duet. As an added bonus, the stainless steel pot, air fry basket and racks are all non-stick and dishwasher safe.

FASTER HEATHIER COOKING! Cook meals up to 70% faster when pressure cooking and reduce fat and calories by up to 75% with healthy air frying. Now both in one, compact, easy to use, versatile appliance.
WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE! The DUET is different than others with removeable lids. This means it can be used as a stand-alone 6-quart pressure cooker or a 4-quart air fryer, and of course, combine to get the benefits of both in one, easy to use appliance. The DUET also features over 300 pre-programmed presets, so your favorite meals are done with just the press of a button.
ONE APPLIANCE THAT DOES IT ALL! The DUET is versatile enough to roast, grill, bake dehydrate, sear, steam, slow cook and warm. The easy to use control panel offers 10 air fry settings, 6 pressure cooker settings and 300 preprogrammed cooking presets so you can just touch and go! ADVANCED FEATURES- The DUETs cooking technology also includes features like PREHEAT, DELAY, STAGE cooking, Auto WARM mode, and hundreds of preprogrammed presets. You can also save and store
ADVANCED FEATURES- The DUETs cooking technology also includes features like PREHEAT, DELAY, STAGE cooking, Auto WARM mode, and hundreds of preprogrammed presets. You can also save and store 240 of your own favorite recipes to recall any time.
EVERYTHING YOU NEED- Every DUET includes the base with digital screen and easy to use controls, the high-quality stainless-steel inner pot, stainless steel reversible cooking rack, non-stick PFOA-free air fry basket, removeable air-fry lid and removeable pressure cooker lid with sure-lock technology built-in. You also get the owner’s manual, quick start guide, recipe book with 40 recipes and the NuWave Cooking Club App with hundreds of recipes from our executive chefs.