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Enjoy The Peace That Belongs To You At This Moment…Welcome To The Zen Garden Of MVYAVYUS

In Zen gardens, trees, rocks, sky, land, etc. are often contained in a few strokes that contain deep meaning. In the eyes of practitioners, they are oceans, mountains, islands, and waterfalls. A world of sand and sand. Such a garden is no different. A spiritual garden.

Our Zen garden adheres to the following five requirements:

· Natural and safe materials to protect your health.

· Create your own spiritual meditation world.

· Numerous accessories satisfy your inspiration every time.

· A variety of tools to create an exclusive Zen garden for you.

· As a gift, it is suitable for any festival and can be displayed anywhere.


12 Kinds Of Traditional Japanese Elements Bring an Infinite Variety Of Display Arrangements

Our 11×7.5 inch bamboo sand tray provides you with a broad creative area. Unlimited patterns, unlimited fun and shapes, satisfying your every inspiration display. In addition to the white Zen garden sand, and three different hand-sculpting tools , You will also find 12 kinds of accessories with traditional factors, each of which has been carefully crafted with great attention to detail. We believe this is the most satisfying place that reflects the traditional Zen garden.

· Bridge · Shinto gate

· Pagoda · Buddha statue

· Pavilion · Lotus (2 pieces)

· Zen stone · Carp (2 pieces)

· Cherry tree · Small stones (1 bag)

No Matter What Inspiration Or Pattern You Like, You Can Freely Create It In The Zen Garden







Perfect Imagination Place

Use 3 kinds of tools, 12 kinds of traditional elements and accessories to create on the white sand bamboo plate. According to your daily mood, create a different Zen garden. Use simple tools to draw complex patterns, enjoy the time and freedom that truly belongs to you, and constantly change according to your ideas. Show your only artwork.

Home Office Decoration

Whenever we work under pressure, we always need a relaxing time of our own, so that we can calm down and clarify our thinking. Our Zen garden is a good choice. The joy of Zen garden lies in being able to get tranquility and enjoy relaxation in creation. Whether at home or in the office, it can help you relieve stress. This is not just a decoration.

Unforgettable Surprise Gift

This is a time when life is full of stress and anxiety. It is necessary to release stress and gain peace. Our Zen garden can meet your needs. It can also be used as an exclusive birthday gift, thank you gift or housewarming gift, suitable for people of all ages and those who need to relax. This must be an unforgettable surprise gift.


3 Exquisite Handmade Bamboo Rake Tools to Help You Draw Patterns

A creator needs a suitable set of tools, just like a soldier must have a good sword in his hand. Use our three unique handmade bamboo tools to let all your ideas come into play, and create easily in your Zen sand garden Make any pattern you want.

· Eight tooth rake(drawing concentric circles)

· Sand push (smooth sand before design)

· Triangular tooth rake (design the pattern of the river)


⛩️ REALIZE ARCHITECTURAL DREAM: Build your own zen garden, our zen garden decorations can perfectly satisfy your dream. It can be placed anywhere in the home or office, and the elegant design lights up your environment.
⛩️ UNIQUE DECORATION: This is a unique and charming zen garden decoration that will make any room or space have an elegant atmosphere, as if you are in a real Japanese zen garden.  Contracted but not simple Japanese cultural concept.
⛩️ RELIEVE STRESS: When you clear your mind, focus on painting mountains and rivers, and place different elements, your mind can quickly enter a state of meditation. Zen Garden Kit helps to clear your stress and gain relaxation energy.
⛩️ STIMULATE CREATIVITY: A magical way of entertainment, please give full play to your imagination, get inspiration in work or life, and create new shapes. The multi-element combination of Zen Garden Kit will never exhaust your creativity.
⛩️ PERFECT GIFT: Zen Garden Kit size fits a variety of desktops, allowing everyone to enjoy it for a long time, a gift with unlimited design possibilities. Suitable for birthday gifts, anniversaries, housewarming gifts, etc.