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Product Description


ME.FAN is shorten of Me&Family&Friends.We are a company who mainly product kitchen and household items.


About the ME.FAN Containers:

Brand : ME.FAN

Material : Silicone+PP

Wash: Hand Washing Recommend

Color:Clear Container + Black Lid

Box Included: 7 Storage Containers (0.5L*2 + 0.8L*2 + 1.2L*2 +1.9L*1) + 24 Chalkboard labels + 1 Chalkboard Pen + 5 Measuring Cups Set


Let the Container Kitchen Helper Make Your Pantry and Cabinet Become More Neat and Beautiful.

The ME.FAN food storage containers are made of food grade silicone and plastic, no small, provide a health storage environment. The large plastic containers are perfect to store your flour, sugar, rice, grain, nuts, beans, snacks, past. coffee, tea, pet food, or anything you want to store.

The plastic containers set are preserving the quality and taste of your food, keep you food fresh and help maintain flavor, nutrition while preventing the entry of air, water and environmental toxins.







Health Materials:

—–Premium food grade plastic and silicone materials will help you keep your family health.

Reusable & Durable:

—–The premium quality materials will be used for a long time.

Additional Accessories Have Been Added:

—– 24 Chalkboard labels + 1 Chalkboard Pen + 5 Measuring Cups Set, make your life more easier.

Stackable Design:

—–All the large food storage containers are designed for modular stacking system, can be superimposed on a layer. You can store a lot of things in a very small area.

Easy to Pouring:

—– The clear body make you clearly seen what inside at a glance, food can be poured directly out of the mouth.

Airtight, Watertight & Leak Proof:

—–The air and water-tight seals maintain the nutritional quality of your food, preventing loss of vitamins and nutrition.

Durable Plastic:

—–Made of durable plastic materials, they will not broken even when dropped from the top shelf.



The Package included:

2 × Tall Containers(1.9L/1.7qt) Size:3.8” × 3.8” × 12” Ideal for: Spaghetti, Lasagne, Pasta, Macaroni, Rice, Flour and more.

2 × Medium Containers(1.2L/1.1qt) Size:3.8” × 3.8” × 8” Ideal for: Granola, Beans, Licorice, Linguini and more.

2 × Small Containers(0.8L/0.7qt) Size:3.8” × 3.8” × 6.1” Ideal for: Candy, Nuts, Biscuits and more.

1 × Mini Containers(0.5L/0.5qt) Size:3.8” × 3.8” × 4.1” Ideal for: Spices,Sugar and more.

Note: The lids will occupy a small portion of the volume, please refer to image size information.

UPGRADE SECURE LID-LOCK MECHANISM: Each container is equipped with a AIRTIGHT SEALING MECHANISM. Easy to use, just use your only two fingers, flip ring up to open and flip ring down to lock. The lid-lock system sealing can not only keep the foods dry and fresh but also prevent them spilling out. Provides maximum freshness and prolonged food storage, keep your health everyday.
PREMIUM QUALITY: All the storage containers made from food grade durable plastic, shatterproof. The crystal clear containers have been tested to be strong and durable enough for long-lasting use. With a stackable and modular system design, these storage containers will be space efficient for optimal counter top and pantry organization.
ORGANIZER SIZE: With 4 different sizes for edibles of all shapes, sizes, and volumes, will satisfy all your storage needs, you won’t have to worry about jamming your edibles into containers. Great Use For Crafts, Sewing, Office Supplies, Garage and More. Package included 1 Tall Containers(1.9L/1.7qt), 2 Medium Containers(1.2L/1.1qt), 2 Small Containers(0.8L/0.7qt), 2 Mini Containers(0.5L/0.5qt).The lids will occupy a small portion of the volume, please refer to image size information.
VERSATILE USES: These containers are useful for storing dry foods – pasta, grain, cereals, beans, snacks, coffee, tea, nuts,flour, sugar, rice baking ingredients and more, also good for liquids such as water, soup, juice and so on. Do not worry about spills as the containers have been pushed down and thanks for the big square corners design, more convenient to use and easy pouring.
EASY TO WASH: To wash the lock lids thoroughly, just remove the silicone attached with the lid of each container, hand washing with soap and rinse water. OFFER: IF YOU RECEIVED THE CRACKED CONTAINERS, PLEASE CONTACT US WITH THE EMAIL AND WE WILL TRY OUR BEST TO HLEP YOU SOLVE IT.