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frosted mason jar soap dispenser kitchen bath bathroom mothers day farmhouse decor clearancefrosted mason jar soap dispenser kitchen bath bathroom mothers day farmhouse decor clearance

A set of 3 vases on the tableA set of 3 vases on the table

Different from every angle

Welcome to Marino Essentials! We work with many talented designers to make sure our design comes out unique, great for any room, and of course made with premium ceramic. Marino Essentials is a small family business and our focus is to create some of the best home decor products with premium quality in mind. Our vases were tested indoors, outdoors, rain, extremely cold weather to detect any cracks, and much more. We have changed the size and design many times to make sure what you receive is special and worthy of your beautiful home!

In 2019 we had seven unique designs. Out of the seven, what you see was picked and redesigned even more. What makes our vases so cool is that when you look at them at a certain angle, they may look like they are about to fall, and that is the modern look we wanted to reach. Every angle is engineered to be purposeful. Not only you will enjoy a beautiful set of vases, but they can be used outdoors and under hot or cold conditions. Another cool feature that was essential during the design process was practicality and being leakproof. They hold water for real flowers if that’s what you desire. The tallest vase is 10″ inches tall followed by 7.5″ inches and finally our 5″ inch vase that compliments the rest of the set.

modern farmhouse vases modern farmhouse vases

Nothing is better than something premium

Premium quality is what Marino Essentials is known for in the media. From farmhouse style to luxury modern homes, our vases will complement any room! Our vases are perfect for the shelves, table, coffee table, and vanity tables! The holes are over 3 inches wide, perfect for any size of flower branch

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small rustic tray by the marino essentials modern vases

small rustic tray by the marino essentials modern vases

Love sign decor

Love sign decor

Mason jar wall sconce frosted soap dispenser candle tray vanity

Mason jar wall sconce frosted soap dispenser candle tray vanity

We have hand crafted rustic trays

Our compact rustic tray is 9″x5″ inches. It is a decent size for 2 big candles or if you want to place your jewelry, this is a perfect choice also!

Our Love and Homed mason jar collection

Our Love and Home mason jar signs are exclusive designs by Marino Essentials. They will be available in early 2022. Our popular mason jars are frosted and come with high-quality 20 LED string lights that can be controlled with an included remote. Every letter has holes should you decide to hang them on the wall or simply place them on coffee tables, shelves, and much more! Sky is truly the limit for this beautiful piece.

Mason jar wall sconces and soap dispensers

We have several different choices when it comes to mason jar wall sconces. They are a beautiful compliment to your bathroom, bedroom, living room, and much more! Did we mention bathrooms? oh yes! We have a popular product called mason jar soap dispenser set with tray. It is the same

⭐ Exclusive design by Marino Essentials, our modern vases will transform your home to another level!
🏺 The quality speaks for itself! Our vases are made out of high-quality ceramic and then it has been glazed for that beautiful shiny look you’re looking for!
⚙️ Unlike others, our vases are actually functional and can hold water and real flowers!
🎁 We are known in the media for our beautiful gift packaging. Simply write the name of your loved ones on the gift side of our packaging and surprise them with something beautiful!
🏠 Compatible with any style of home! We design modern, farmhouse and rustic décor to go along with your beautiful trays! Check out our beautiful store to see our collection!