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led grow light growing lampled grow light growing lamp


1).Four Tubes Design – With 4 light tubes and 4 flexible goosenecks, it can cover a larger and wider growing range, so you can put more plants to share sunlight at the same time.

2).Stable Tripod Stand – The tripod stand is adjustable from 15inch to 60inch, allow you to adjust the height freely for large and tall plants.

3).”Sunlike” Full Spectrum – Contains spectral wavelengths of light from 380nm to 780nm, delivering more highly-uniform light needed by various indoor plants, effectively promoting photosynthesis, increasing growth rate and satisfying plant’s germination.

Full spectrum grow lights Full spectrum grow lights

Suitable for more indoor plants whether tall large or short small

feel show grow lights with standfeel show grow lights with stand Bringing life to plants make us feel better

More and more people destress through gardening. However, due to the lack of sunshine indoors and cloudy weather in winter, it is difficult to take good care of plants.

Therefore, we lanched this upgraded plant lamp, so as to help plant lovers enjoy gardening and make your plant babies grow better.

Feel Show Full Spectrum Grow Lights

with Adjustable Light intensity and Color

Speed up the growth and improve taste of vegetables and fruit.Promote the growth of potted plants: herbs, basil, succulents, monstera, dragon tree, etc.Improve the quality of flowers: roses, chrysanthemum, peony, tulip, Jasmine, Cactus, sunflower, Chinese rose, hibiscus, petunia.
Stable stand with full spectrum lights, no clip needed, more convenient and efficiency! 4-8-12 hours timing function, double controlers Equivalent to 80w incandescent lamps 80pcs LED bulbs: 36 Red +16 Blue+28 white

plant light indoor plant lampsplant light indoor plant lamps

Warm Tips:

1. Recomend the distance between the lamp and the plant is from 20 to 45 cm.

2. Suggest growing lighting lasts for 4-8 hrs, up to 12 hours a day, no more than 12 hours as plants need rest at night.

3. Retain enough water when growing.

4. Avoid direct light, it is recommended to use the remote control.

5. You can spread the leg angle out to balance the tripod stand.

6. Indoor use only. Keep it away from rain, snow, fire and any bad environment.

grow light with timer

grow light with timer

indoor plant lights for winter

indoor plant lights for winter

led light triop can be use for photo

led light triop can be use for photo

Cycle Timing & Multi-Function

High quality 80 LED Beads for 50,000H Use

Functional Use for Photo or Video Tripod

grow lightgrow light

plant grow light full spectrumplant grow light full spectrum

Nice Gift for Planting Enthusiast

For someone who always killed the plants, it was just because you don’t get this product, otherwise you were soon obsessed with the joy of planting.

This spectrum is universal, planted rose, hibiscus, petunia, clematis, strawberries, lettuce, etc., basically can apply.

You can adjust the illumination time and intensity according to the needs of the plant, so as to give the plant proper illumination.

Perfect for starting seeds indoors, and provide extra light for all indoor plants, the well constructed and variable light settings gives everyone a green thumb.

plant lightplant light

🌻🌱🌵Great Efficiency Full Spectrum–FEEL SHOW 4-head plant lights provide 3 supplemental light modes: 1–Red(660nm)+Blue(460nm): promote photosynthesis, rooting, germination, blooming, fruiting. 2–Warm White, 3000k high uniform light, similar to natural sunlight. 3–Red+Blue+White (380nm-780nm), universal full spectrum grow light for plant indoor grow, succulents, rose, hibiscus, petunia, clematis, strawberry, lettuce, butterfly orchid, lemon tree, etc.
🌻🌱🌵Dual Control & Multi-Functional–Both line-in controller and RF controller (protect your eyes from looking at the lamps directly). Support 3 light modes, 10 dimmable levels, 4 lights independent control, auto on/off every day after setting the 4H/8H/12H timer. 80 effective LED Beads, provide brightness of 80W fluorescent lamp, consumes only 15W of electricity.
🌻🌱🌵Scientific Heat Dissipation Design–Our indoor plant growing lamps are backed by an aviation-grade heat sink and excellent aluminum shell. This improved design will protect the grow lamp bulbs not very hot, which is important to reduce light loss and extend bead life to more than 50,000 hours, and aslo without burning plants.
🌻🌱🌵✅Buy with Confidence–24 months warranty, 90 days return/refund guarantee with FCC, CE, RoHS certified support. Our Plant Grow Light Kit is perfect for flowers and vegs especially when raining, snowing, cloudy days and dark indoor. You’ll also get a detailed User Manual with Operation Approach and advice on how to grow plants, useful product for planting enthusiasts!