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smartwatch for kidssmartwatch for kids

Jsbaby Waterproof Music Kids Smart Watch Phone With 11 Puzzle Games

Jsbaby The new professional music smart watch for kids launched in 2021 is able to provide your children with multiple functions to meet their needs in various situations, so as to protect them more safely and stay in contact with parents.

Note before buying:

This child’s smartwatch does NOT have a GPS function.Only nano cards with 2G signals are supported.

Tips: Once received, turn off the smartwatch and charge it for at least 3 hours.

kids smart watchkids smart watch


Emergency call and SOS flashlight: If children are in danger, they can call for help in good time and can be illuminated in the dark.Music Player: Can play MP3 songs from memory card. This watch has a built-in 1G SD card.11 Puzzle Games: Basketball Shoot Master, Bee War,Pinball Hit Bricks,Car Grab Goods,Ultimate Racing,Thunder Fighter,Big turntable,Football,Even Number Game,Car Chaos,Snake in the Grass.10 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and other 5 languages for children 3-12 years old.Audio and Camera Recording: Self-portrait photos and audio recordings can be saved on the memory card to record every unforgettable childhood memory at any time.12/24hr Time Format: The kids smartwatch has two time formats 12/24 hour and three date formats. Parents can switch the 24-hour military time to the 12-hour time format in “Setting-Time and date-Time Format”, and choose the date format that children are accustomed to in the settings.

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Alarm Clock: Discover the concept of time through the stopwatch and the calendar. Learn to distinguish between analog and digital clock time to help your child maintain normal working hours. Alerts can be set over different time periods.Don’t disturb mode: Do not disturb mode, parents can set the slient mode in kids watch. Avoid playing with clocks in class. Focus on the study time and help the children develop self-discipline.Calculator: kids can calculate the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, with a clear display and numbers. Can help your child solve simple calculation problems.SOS Emergency Call: If the child is in danger, they can press the SOS button for help. In addition, parents can configure three SOS numbers in the app. You alternately call three SOS telephone numbers in two rounds until the call is answered.Camera: With this camera function, kids gonna be happy when they using it to take photos anytime and anywhere. This shall be a great way to increase emotional interaction between parents and kids.Timer: The child can manage time reasonably through the timer.

kids smart watch boyskids smart watch boys

kids smartwatchkids smartwatch

How to download music?

To download music to your watch, you need to connect your computer with the built-in magnetic data cable. When the computer seems to open the U disk, it can be downloaded to the watch’s “My Music” file. , in the “My Music” file, play the music. Before playing, you need to copy the music from your computer to the SD card and insert it into the clock slot of the SD card (the gift SD card is already in the clock slot).

kids watchkids watch

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Two ways call

1G SD card(Build in) 1G SD card(Build in) 1G SD card(Build in) 1G SD card(Build in) 1G SD card(Build in)

【Kids Music waterproof Smart Watch】A new style of phone smart watch for kids with built-in Mp3 player.Easy to use,no need to download any APP,support two-way call,SOS,11 puzzle games,camera, video,calculator,flashlight,calendar,alarm clock,recording,stopwatch,timer,multi-language,etc.
【Game smart watch for children】This kids smart watch for boy girls is equipped with 11 games: Basketball Shoot,Bee War,Football,Even Number,etc. Children can develop their intelligence and enrich their free time. In addition, the watch also contains useful tools such as calculators, calendars, and flashlights to help children solve various problems in life.
【SOS call and speed dial】This toddler smart watch can support two-way communication, and communicate with children anytime and anywhere. Children can double-click the power button to activate the SOS call, which is very helpful to children in emergency situations. This smart watch allows children to closely contact their parents and help children solve problems in time.
【MP3 player and camera】 This kids smartwatch can play music in the memory card (the SD card is built into the watch). Note: The watch must be turned off when it is connected to the computer via USB to copy songs. ). There are 12 volume level adjustments; better sound quality. In addition to taking photos, the watch can also record videos, and you can use the watch to play videos.
【Intimate Service】 The network mode of this children’s smart watch phone is GSM 2G. You should insert the Micro SIM card to use the call function. We recommend Speedtalk when using it in the United States. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will try our best to help you and give you a good solution.