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Our headphones are the best on the market. You are probably wondering why? Because they have limited volume, designed just for your kids, and offered at a great price that you can’t find anywhere else. This is the last pair of headphones you will ever buy for you kids. Tired of replacing children headphones every three months or less? Have you spent inordinate amounts of money on kids headphones that promise a lot but provide little? The NENOS children headphones come with limited volume which is best choice for your kids you can connect other headphones through aux port and listen to music or watch movies. Nothing beats our children’s headphones specifications and User-Friendliness. Full compatibility with all Android & iOS devices start enjoying music on the go and immerse yourself on your gaming adventures by purchasing this reliable set of headphones! Grab these kids headphones now & Start enjoying safe volume limited music what are you waiting for, then? Click Add to cart now before we run out of stock!
Splitters are not required to share audio. Nenos headphones connects another headphone just Plug directly into the nenos to share audio.
Kids headphones volume automatically limited to protect your child’s ears
Perfect size and fit for children These headphones are lightweight and feature soft, comfortable ear pads. Recommended for children ages 3-8.
This superior pair of headphones is exceptionally easy to carry around. As they are easily foldable, they are fully adjustable, ensuring customized, comfortable fit during prolonged periods of wearing and use.
Nenos, Premium headphones for kids, are design and built for you children. No other headphones come close to quality and price.