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Product Description

Why choose our Cereal Container Set?

Easily take GrainEasily take Grain

Large Opening Design-Easily take Grain

BPA-free Plastic Materials, safe and non-toxic

135.2oz super large size design

Ergonomic design, easy to grasp

One lid fits all container

Dishwasher safe

The soft silicone material is absolutely sealed, which is convenient to keep fresh

Transparent can body, convenient for timely replenishment of grains

Reusable note paper makes it easier to distinguish similar foods

Open lid hover design

Cereal Containers Storage Set’s Feature

Easy to Grip

Easy to Grip

Absolutely Airtight

Absolutely Airtight

Interchangeable Lid & 24 Labels

Interchangeable Lid & 24 Labels

Easy to Grip

Our cereal dispenser use comfortable ergonomic handle design, grip more relaxed, even teenagers can easily take breakfast cereals, Even if the container is full, you can easily hold it

Absolutely Airtight

To ensure absolute sealing, we use high-quality silica gel, which has good elasticity, so when we close the cover, we should first align the cover, squeeze the silicone, and then buckle the cover

Interchangeable Lid & 24 Labels

The label is reusable, you can switch content at any time. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth to change what you have written, peel and re-paste

Get Organized Space for Kitchen

Get Organized SpaceGet Organized Space

Clear Food Storage Containers & Space-saving Design

Our cereal storage containers airtight with lids will make more efficient use of every inch of kitchen cabinetry. Using clear, BPA-free plastic that allows you to quickly view the contents at a glance and refill when needed.

Package Include
4 pcs 4 pcs 15 pcs 15 pcs 14 pcs

Quick opening
Very Easy Very Easy Normal Normal Very Easy

🌟NEW QUALITY UPGRADE – Different from other THIN cereal containers on the market, our food storage containers is made of 2MM THICKNESS durable and strong materials. In addition, we have improved the silicone ring design of the lid, not only guarantees excellent sealing, but also can be easily opened and closed
🌟 Easily take Grain – Our airtight cereal container at the side of the lid adopts large opening design, just open the cover seal can easily take grain pouring (seal button can hover, not receive cover easily affected by gravity) body side use comfortable ergonomic handle design, grip more relaxed, even teenagers can easily take breakfast cereals, Even if the container is full, you can easily hold it
🌟 Large Storage Size & Mutli Ues – You will get 4 extra-large Cereal containers (135.02oz), 1 marker and 24 reusable labels. The use of transparent, BPA-free plastic allows you to quickly view the content at a glance and replenish it when needed. It is very suitable for storing pasta, baking supplies, grains, flour, sugar, oats, pasta, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts , Screws, pet food and other dry goods
🌟 Safe Materials & Clear Container- Our grain airtight food storage Containers are made from safe food-grade plastics that are BPA-free, so don’t worry about toxins seeping into your grains. Clear plastic also makes it easy to know how much grain you have left. What’s worse than “waking up for breakfast, only to find there’s not enough cereal”
🌟 Absolutely Airtight & Dishwasher-Safe – Our storage jars come with elastic silicone LIDS that will keep your grain dry and keep your food fresh longer. At the same time, our storage tanks can withstand temperatures between -20 Β° C – 100 Β° C and can be kept in the fridge or washed in the dishwasher
🌟 Interchangeable Lid & 24 Labels – one lid fits all containers, don’t have to worry about matching the lid to the container after each wash, 24 reusable labels, you can simply wipe clean with a wet cloth to change what you’ve written, peel and re-paste, you can switch content as needed at any time, This will help you better distinguish baking soda from baking powder or powdered sugar from flour in the jar without confusion