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Still worried about not same voltage? Spent extra money to buy a converter? STOP doing that, the product we bring to you doesn’t need converter to use in North America, manufacturer special design AC 120V (ETL certified) the right voltage just for the right place to use for this beautiful fashionmulti function compact hotplate in your kitchen or on your dinning table. There are various color you can choose from, exact size for two or three people enjoy a party smokeless indoor grill or make up a nice breakfast for the family, electric griddle non stick makes your pancake much more easier, this one is functional very easy to use, quick heat save for longer cooking time and non-stick surface makes you much more easier to wipes clean. Cool down handle on two side of the body carry with smile , safety-friendly thermostat function with magnet power cord design for easy life. Bruno compact hot plate comes in various interchangeable pans from flat pan, takoyaki pan, pancake pan, deep pot and even a double layer steaming rack can be purchased additionally. Tips caring for your multifunctional Bruno hotplate 1.Always wait for your plate to cool after use before lifting it off the heating element. Use your wooden spatula that comes with your BRUNO Compact Hotplate – the sloped edge makes removal easy and prevents scratches. Alternatively, you can use a wooden chopstick too! Never use a knife to “dig” out the plate! 2. Use hot water and a soft sponge as well as non-abrasive liquid detergent to wash your attachments. If you find it too greasy, pour in a mixture of baking soda and water and let it soak for 5 minutes or so, works like magic to remove grease and charred bits! 3. Never cover your BRUNO hotplate when heat is set on “high”. This can cause the lid to become stained from sizzling or spattering food on the plate.
【Multifunctional】Bruno compact basic set comes with Flat plate and Multi plate, you could griddle eggs bacon crepe breakfast meal makes pancakes sausages even daily cook anything you want. It also in various interchangeable pans such as grill plate to enjoy a indoor smokeless BBQ or cook the Octopus balls Japanese best-known street food just simply change Takoyaki plate. Hotpot Nabe pot /Split pot and even for the seafood lover the double layer steaming rack can be purchased additionally.
【Design】 Bruno compact hot plate not only has many functional use to cook Also she has a stylish sleek body with pastel variety colors to choose from, definitely makes your table top more attractive. coil-electric heating which just bottom of the plate helps the plate cook faster and more evenly Temperature adjust simply slide left to right ( off-warm-low-med-Hi) quick heat 60 ℃ -250 ℃ just in one minute, this will allows you not only do regular cooking but grill and even bake.
【Non-Stick Coating】Non-stick surface pan makes cleanup a breeze, the pans comes in non-stick coating and you will never have to worry about getting food sticking onto the pan, not even cheese. Bruno Compact design is small just A4 size and light can be store it easily get in and out.
【Convenient】Bruno Multifunctional Compact hot plate makes your life easier, this one brings to you not only has a gorgeous appearance, but also has outstanding functions. Breakfast griddle, lunch steamer, dinner grill even a midnight hotpot Bruno will accompany with you from the beginning to the end through the day. The production value of the product lies in one pot with multiple uses, makes life easier, operating more convenient, and happier using.
【Includes】Bruno Compact hot plate basic set has main body/flat plate/ multi plate/ wooden spatula/ magnetic detachable cord Perfect gift for weddings , holidays, birthdays, university/college living, people who love to cook