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Product Description

Warm Tip: Before initial use, please charge it to boot it up.It is designed with built-in USB Charging port.Take off the bands from the fitness watch and you will find the USB charging interface .Please insert it into USB Charging adaptor or any USB charging DC port and get it charging.Please pay attention to check if there is red indicator shows on the display ,if NO please turn it over and insert it by different direction. And after charging, please connect the activity tracker with your phone via the “VeryFitPro” app to sync the time and set your personal information.

Supported APP You can read the detailed exercise & sleep data and explore more functions in the well-designed VeryFitPro app.



Applicable Population: Color Options:

There are 5 colors for your choice. Black,Blue,Green,Purple,Pink, which can satisfy both girls’ and boys’ requirements.

What is the advantages of the strap of the fitness tracker? The strap of the fitness tracker is adjustable,more suitable for growing kids.

The wrist circle length is around 5.1 inch ~ 7.5 inch .It can be set to fit wrists 4.5 to 6.9 inches in circumference.Suit for 5-12 years-old kids.

The strap of the fitness tracker is safe for kids.

It is flexible and comfortable, and does not contain any harmful substances.



sleep monitor

sleep monitor

IP67 High Level Waterproof

IP67 High Level Waterproof

Activity Tracker For Kids Ages 5+

Recording all day activities, steps, moving distance, calories burned data as well as active minutes.

Sleep Monitor

Automatically detect your kids’ deep sleep and light sleep time at night.The sleep data only shows on the VeryFitPro app.

IP67 High Level Waterproof

The fitness tracker is sweat-proof, rain-proof , splashed waterproof and bathing waterproof.

Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock





Alarm Clock

This fitness tracker can set 10 alarms . It can help your child to build a good habit .You can set drinking reminders, sedentary reminders, wake-up reminders,study reminder and so on.

Message & Calls Reminder

The fitness tracker supports phone calls reminding, SMS and SNS notification compatible with Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter etc.


Just click the touch button to turn on your stopwatch. When your kids want to set the time for a fitness goal or need time reminding in daily life, the tracker can be used as a timer.

FAQ: FAQ : Please carefully read user manual before using

Q1: How to remove straps?

Please pull parallel the straps and do not bend down or up and pull.

Removing straps may be hard at the beginning, but it will be easier in later using.

Q2:The device doesn’t charge, is it defective?

If your device doesn’t charge, please check if you charge it in a correct way by following steps:

a. Find the charging USB port( should be the side which with built-in golden chip).

b. Please put the built-in USB charging plug (where the white round icon and the metal strips located) into a standard USB port. When it is charging, the red indicator light comes on.

c. If the red indicator is not showed when charging, please flip it over, turn the device’s charging plug to the opposite direction.

Q3: Why the fitness tracker cannot be connnected with your smartphone?

a. Make sure the watch is fully charged and close to your phone, the Bluetooth of your phone has been turned on;

b. Please install the latest version of the “VeryFitPro” APP, set to trust this app, and turn on the function that app auto-launch if you have the option when install the app. Please allow all the requirements of the app;

c. Please turn on the GPS function on your phone if there is a reminder when pairing;

d. Enter into the page of the app, please swipe the screen, until it shows the page “Add Device”;

e. Find the name of your fitness tracker, and select it to confirm bind device.

Note: Some smart phones have the access restriction, please enter into the “Permissions” of your phone’s setting, and find the VeryFitPro application, then set it as a trusted app.

Q4: Why the fitness tracker always reset?

Please note that the fitness tracker will reset under the following situations:

a. The watch time will reset when a new day begins(00:00 AM);

b. The bracelet will be off automatically if there is no power, and it will be on once you put it to charge, then the time will reset to 00:00 again. So you need to connect the watch with your phone again to sync the time.

Q5: Why the step counting is not accurate?

The step counter is implemented through a Three-axis Sensor, it records steps according to your displacement and wrist shaking. The following situations may cause the inaccurate steps counting:

a. Continuous walking is less than 30 steps: To reduce the step counting errors like the wrist shaking when you are not walking, the steps will go back itself automatically if your continuous walking is less than 30 steps.

b. The steps counting is related to your age, sex, height and weight etc. So before initial use, please go to the “VeryFitPro” app to set your personal information.

c. The steps will reset to zero when a new day comes (00:00 AM), so please make sure the time of the bracelet is correct.

[ULTRA SLIM & LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGNED FOR KIDS] Compared with other kids fitness tracker with long and wide adult watch strap, this exclusive ultra slim lightweight fitness tracker is designed for kids 5-12 years old with strap width of 0.62 inch, strap length of 5.1 inch ~ 7.5 inch and total weight of 17g to focus more on kids’ wearing comfort. Made of flexible, durable TPU material, DO NOT contain any harmful substance.
[ALL-DAY ACTIVITY TRACKER] Automatically tracking your kids steps, distance and calories burning, you can see the data easily by tapping the watch display or checking your phone’s app.
[SLEEP TRACKER & SILENT ALARM CLOCK] Automatically track how well you sleep at night, get the data about your sleep trends through the night in the app.The silent alarm clock can wake you up without disturbing others.
[BUILT-IN USB INTERFACE & LONG BATTERY LIFE] You can charge the fitness tracker by any USB adapter without requiring an extral charger. Charging for 1-2 hours, the fitness tracker battery can last up to 7 days.
[COMPATIBILITY] kids fitness tracker watch with free app “VeryFitPro” . Compatible with smartphone.